Mission & Goals

The current mission statement of Monash University Soccer Club was first published in late 2008, as part of the "MUSC Strategic Plan 2012". From then on, it has formed the basis for all decision-making at the club, and has guided its core activities.

Mission Statement (Core Purpose)

To provide the Monash community1 with the experience of enjoying soccer2 in a competitive3, fair4 and healthy5 environment.

1 Monash community - engaging students, alumni, staff and local community.

2 enjoying - playing, coaching, watching and supporting.

3 competitive - environment that provides opportunity to enjoy soccer in the highest/strongest league possible for men and women. This aspect is of a major priority to MUSC, and therefore, is listed first.

4 fair - environment where every member is treated with respect and gets equal opportunity to enjoy the game.

5 healthy - environment that promotes physical well-being, positive attitude, use of sport-science, and an environmentally-friendly approach.


"MUSC Strategic Plan 2012" goes on to state 3 major goals in 3 years for the club, and defines the critical drivers and actions required to achieve these goals. The set objectives can be viewed by club's members by downloading the icon MUSC Strategic Plan 2012 - Mission & Goals (71.1 kB).