Honour Board

Below is a chronological listing of the "best clubman/club person" award winners, as well as of Monash University SC life member inductions (also see Life Members page). Please note that the data for some of the seasons is incomplete, and the club strongly encourages anyone with any additional information to contact the committee (contact us).

The 'Eric Chan Best Clubman Award' was awarded each year from 1979 to 2004. This trophy is now mounted on the wall in the clubhouse. Club icon Tommy Rice tops the winners of this award having been recognised a record 4 times.

In 2005, in order to celebrate the joining of the mens and womens clubs, a new 'Club Person of the Year' award was created, named for long time club stalwart Tim Smurthwaite.  

Season Tim Smurthwaite
Club Person of the Year
Life Members Inducted
2016 Andrew Patterson --
2015 Rachel Yeo

Nick Mallios
Andrew Patterson

2014 Ned Rocke --
2013 Andrew Patterson --
2012 Michael Pogrebnoy Andrew Mariadason
Jonathan Jhoomun
2011 Jessica Gibson

Peter Panagiotopoulos
Phil Randall

2010 Konrad Steinmuller  -- 
2009 Konrad Steinmuller Greg Costaras
Alex De La Torre
Tim Smurthwaite
2008  Richard Huysmans  
2007 Simon Serebryanikov  
2006 Simon Serebryanikov  
2005 Mel Permezel and Peter Panagiotopoulos  
-- Eric Chan
Best Clubman Award
2004 Andrew Patterson  
2003 Dennis Moody  
2002 (not awarded)  
2001 (not awarded)  
2000 Steven Holl  
1999 Alex De La Torre  
1998 Tim Smurthwaite  
1997 Roddy Croes  
1996 Mark Stafford  
1995 Zoran Sango  
1994 Ray Messner  
1993 B. Frajsman  
1992 David Clark  
1991 Michael Whiteley  
1990 Tommy Rice  
1989 Michael Whiteley  
1988 Paul Taylor  
1987 Tommy Rice  
1986 Tim Smurthwaite  
1985 Mark Wootton  
1984 Seamus van der Westhuizen  
1983 Phil Hawkins  
1982 Clive Mullett  
1981 Tommy Rice  
1980 Stuart Southan  
1979 Tommy Rice (first year awarded)  
1974   Emmery Bihary
Jim McDonald