Registration guide

Once you've been selected in one of the MUSC teams and has had this confirmed by the relevant coach, please follow the instructions below to register yourself for the season. You will need to be registered online and have paid for your membership before you can play in an official FFV/FFA cup or league match.

How to register:

Go to and Register to play. You will need your FFA number and password.

Anyone who has played registered soccer in Australia before will have an FFA number. If you need to find your FFA number or create an FFA number click the appropriate links on the web site.

Once you are logged in click on the "Register" button, then search for "Monash University SC" (if it doesn't already show up for you). Then select to register as a "player" and then select the appropriate package (student/community). We may ask you to provide proof that you are a student if you select that option.

There are two options to pay for your membership. You can pay using your credit card through the MyFootballClub interface, however that's optional - if you do, you will incur a surcharge. The other option is to select the "MANUAL PAYMENT AT CLUB" option, when you select this option you will need to make a payment to the club using electronic funds transfer (EFT). To pay by EFT see our club bank account details on Making Payments page. When paying by EFT - always save a copy of the transfer receipt.

Finally, for an overview of our membership prices and a breakdown of costs including CAPS see Membership Options and CAPS pages.