Membership options


Membership types

The following membership types are available with the Monash Uni Soccer Club:  

Pre-season Membership

Price: $50 (make a payment)

Players are required to purchase a non-refundable Pre-season Membership in order to continue training past the start of March and be eligible for selection in a team. This does not include players already selected for the Men's Seniors squad.  If a player then secures a spot in one of the above teams, the $50 payment is deducted from the Playing Membership fee.

Playing Membership

Price:  (make a payment)

Member Category


Students $345 $80 $425 $50
Community $400 $80 $480 $50
Semester 1 only
(available for students on international or interstate exchange program, and will not reside in Melbourne during the 2nd semester)
Students $290 $40 $330 $0
Winter only
(available if joining after 1st of June)
Students $260 $40 $300 $0
Community $290 $40 $330 $0
Semester 2
(available if joining after 15th of July)
Students $200 $20 $220 $0
Community $230 $20 $250 $0

1 Payment of Pre-season Membership fee ($50) is deducted from the club's registration fee.
2 This is a bond that can be easily earned back by helping the club out during the year. For more information see CAPS.

Once you have secured a spot in one of our teams, you must purchase a Playing Membership which covers the costs of registration with the FFV, coaching, venue hire, referee fees, etc. Here is a more detailed look at what your membership fee contributes to:

Expense categoryCost per
FFV affiliation & team entry fees $54
FFV player registration fees $161
FFA player registration fees $25
FFV referees $51
Coaching & support staff $116
Venue hire $32
Game-day & Equipment $37
Total $476

The core club expenses of $476 per member significantly exceed the club's baseline registration fees of $370 and $400. Therefore, the club also relies on sponsorship, canteen sales and social event ticket sales to cover all of the costs associated with running a soccer club in an FFV competition.