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General questions about the scheme

What would generally be expected of each club member?

Each member should perform the equivalent of one full day of game-day management or a game-day canteen shift, or three shorter canteen / barbecue shifts. This should earn you 10 CAPS points and a refund of your bond. For a full list of available tasks and points they are worth, please see the overview table on the CAPS page.

I can't make it on a particular day/night as I have work commitments. Can I help out on other days instead?

Yes. One of the advantages of CAPS is that you can choose how you contribute to the club. There is a range of various tasks available weekly, so if you are busy on week-ends,  you can help out after training sessions, and vice versa. 

Can points be allocated for jobs that are not on the "official" list of tasks?

Usually - no. However, exceptions can be made, just make sure to contact the committee and get its approval in advance. 

Does this system mean club members could make money this season?

Yes. If you perform more than your 10 points worth of duties, you will be paid out in cash for the rest. That means if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can make some extra $$$! However, you may need to wait until other club members have had a chance to allocate themselves for a task before picking up some extra jobs.

Isn’t there a conflict of interest with committee members participating in CAPS?

Committee members already contribute a huge amount of time and effort to the running of the club. However, just like all other members, they will also have to pay a CAPS bond, and will earn it back by attending committee meetings. To eliminate any "conflict of interest" scenarios, committee members will not sign up for CAPS tasks themselves unless there are still no volunteers for a job with less than 24 hours remaining. 

If you want everyone to contribute $80 to club commitments, why not just raise fees by $80 and forget about the rest of the scheme?

CAPS isn’t intended to raise money, it’s to make sure all of our club commitments are fulfilled. Paying a contribution and then earning it back by performing club duties gives everyone a chance to keep their fees low.

Can I pay my contribution at the end of the season if I don’t perform my duties?

No. The system only works if everybody pays at the beginning of the season.

Earning CAPS points

My boyfriend/girlfriend ran the lines on Sunday - can they get CAPS points?

CAPS points can be earned only by club members. In cases where no member is available or willing to do a job, a non-member can earn points on behalf of a member provided this was OK'd by a present committee member first. Make sure to report the case to CAPS administrator afterwards, and include the name of the committee member who approved the job on the day.

CAPS payments

I've done my 10 points worth - when do I get my bond refunded?

On the first week of each month, the CAPS administrator reviews the points earned up to the end of the previous month. If you qualify for a payout, you'll be contacted via email and asked to provide your bank account details so that an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) can be made.

To qualify for a payout, you must earn 10 CAPS points or more, and be fully paid up in terms of your membership fees. If you are on a membership fee payment plan, you will only be eligible to receive CAPS pay-outs once your membership fees have been paid in full. In practice, it is also possible to have your last instalment reduced by the amount of CAPS points earned - just make sure to confirm this with membership manager and CAPS administrator first.

I am on a payment plan - can I use my earned CAPS points to offset my membership fees payment?

CAPS points cannot be deducted from partial membership fee payments. A deduction can, however, take place if you've earned at least 10 CAPS points and are paying out the final balance of your fees. Just make sure to confirm this with membership manager and CAPS administrator first.

Why was only 10 points out of my 14 points earned thus far paid out this month?

During the course of the season, CAPS bonds get paid out as a whole, so 10 points at a time. So if you've earned 14 points up to the end of last month, only 10 points will be paid out to you during this month. However, rest assured that all remaining points will be paid out to you at the end of the season, i.e. in October.