FAQ - MyFootballClub

The following information has been provided by Football Federation Victoria (FFV)

What is MyFootballClub (MFC)?

MyFootballClub (MFC) is Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) national on-line sports administration system which will primarily be utilised for player registrations including player self-registration. The system is being introduced in Victoria for the first time in 2010.

What are the benefits of MFC?

The benefits for players include:
• Convenience of registering in your own place, in your own time
• No paper forms
• Maintain your own details and update them when they change
• Ability to view player registration fees for the Club at the time of registration

The benefits for Clubs include:
• Ability to consolidate all registration processes into one place and reduces paper form administration
• Instant and easy access to player passports and up-to-date player and team contact details in one spreadsheet
• Improved management of teams and registration days
• Maintain compliance with FFV, FFA and FIFA regulations 

What is “player self-registration” via MFC?

Player self-registration is a paperless registration process. A player will be able to log-in to their personal on-line account with MFC, update their personal details (or for new Players create a new account) and apply to register with a Club once selected in a team. A Club will then be able to “accept” or “decline” the player registration and finalise the registration to make the player eligible to play football.

FFV strongly encourages the use of the player self-registration option as this is a completely paperless registration process, which will reduce time and resources for all involved in the player registration process.

Can a player pay on-line with a credit card via MFC during the player self-registration process?

No, on-line payment is not available for players registering via MFC in 2011.

How are the Player Registration fees paid for?

The payment processes should remain similar to current Club procedures. Clubs will be able to keep track of the individual Player (or Parent/Guardian) payment methods via MFC.
Please Note: The invoice generated for a Player via MFC is a memo-only invoice; it is not a financial invoice.

How do players change Clubs during the season?

This process will not be completed via MFC. As in previous seasons Clubs will be required to lodge the NRR08 & NRR11 forms.

Can a Club process an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) Clearance Request via MFC?

No, an ITC Request cannot be requested via MFC. An ITC Request may only be lodged via the FFV Registrations Department using the ITC Request Form. Talk to the club's committee if you require one.

What if players do not have access to a Computer or the Internet?

FFV has computers with Internet access available for Clubs to use from the “FFV Hotdesks” located at FFV Offices – Level 3, 436 St. Kilda Road. These computers will be available for use by Clubs and Players once the registration period opens.

When will MFC be operational? When can players start registering for 2011?

The system is “Live” and available for Clubs and Players at www.myfootballclub.com.au.