FAQ - Joining the club

What standard are your teams? 

We'd like to think we're pretty good, but it's hard to compare standards with those countries that have a better soccer pedigree than ours. Suffice it to say, our senior teams are quite competitive with training twice a week, three senior coaches, and members of the squad that have played at some of the highest leagues in Australia.

If you have played professionally or semi-professionally elsewhere, you will probably be a level above most of our players. However, we are always looking to improve and having quality players in the squad improves us all, so we would love to have you come down.

I'm a beginner - can I join?

Beginner option is only available to female players - every year the women's teams recruit a number of newcomers who are just starting out with the world game. The women's game is growing quickly in popularity, and Monash Uni SC women's teams cater for all levels - from very experienced and skilled (senior team) to beginners (reserves/thirds).  

I'm an overseas student arriving in 1st semester - what are my options?

You need to come down to a training session as soon as possible after arriving in the country. If the previous club you were registered with was outside Australia, then please talk to a committee member as early as possible and let them know of your situation.

I'm an overseas student arriving in 2nd semester - what are my options? 

Well, you may have missed half thee season or more, but your registration with the club will be much cheaper! Get in touch with the committee at first opportunity and they will advise you on whther there are spots available.

In addition, you can still trial for and participate in the Australian University Games that take place after the season's end during the second semester. This week-long trip during the mid-semester break is a lot of fun.

I'm at Caulfield campus, can I play?

The student union at Caulfield campus runs a smaller soccer club called the Monash Gryphons. They play in a different competition to us, and their standard is probably somewhere above our social teams and below our senior teams.

However, you shouldn't feel compelled to play for the Gryphons! Clayton campus is only 15 minutes away by car, there's an option of a free shuttle-bus service, and there are always people going back and forth for training and games that can give you a lift. Even if you are enrolled at Caulfield, it's quite possible that you may have lectures on Clayton campus anyway, so you might as well play soccer for us as well!

I'm at Berwick campus, can I play?

Berwick campus is just a 20-minute drive up the Monash freeway away from Clayton, so a number of Berwick students play with us every season.

I'm at Peninsula campus, can I play?

If you are happy to travel to Clayton, you are more than welcome to play for us.