Dear Matthew,


Retirement is something that should not be considered unless you are in political office and over 60. As you have now reached the ripe old age of 23, I still feel you have a lot to offer. There are many examples of people performing well beyond that age- Rod Stewart, Tom Jones and Jack Nicholson are all still performing and like you, they enjoy summer as well. Just not in Sorrento in Australia but Sorrento in Italy….


Football is a winter sport. There is no need to train twice a week until at least March. And even then you can still go fishing. With your teammates. However, while I feel that athletes can still compete well into their thirties and performers can still perform into their 60s, the only person who knows the answer is you matthew….


Do you still have the passion? Do you still have photographic evidence of the senior coach in the Mens Gallery? Do you still have the ability to talk European languages just enough to seem to be able to translate the coachs English to the star new recruit , but actually misinform the recruit so that he plays wide and only attacks when he is required to play centre back. The position you can play ……..


Don’t bother with retirement but just mention to the coach that you are not only handy with technology but your wife and his wife are members of the same tennis club. That should do the trick but you will have to train twice a week once the season starts.

Don’t worry about your career- you can worry about that after you retire……..