2006 Round 5 - Fourths vs Central Park

Author: Cliff Dragon

Score: 2 - 0
Goal Scorers: Brett Watson, Ben Rowlands

After 5 rounds, we came up against an unbeaten team of Central Park AC. Their players were all much bigger and physically stronger than us but we made for it with our speed and matched their aggression as well.

In what was a tight start to the game, play was quite even and some off the boys were not used to the physical approach that the home team took. After settling down, we managed to not only match their aggression but dominate play as well. Kon who was deployed upfront with Wison had a really good game and his off the ball runs and holding up of play was a major factor that won us the game. It was fitting enough that our 1st goal was from excellent play from Kon who made a superb pass to Brett who did well to finish the move.

Our boys were all over the park chasing hard and looking for each other whenever in possession. We dominated play and had many opportunities to add to our goal tally. Our 2nd goal came from an unlikely source in Ben Rowlands, who after the game mentioned to me that this ground was his special ground as he has scored before against this team last season. Ben’s goal game from a corner which was not cleared properly and Ben did very well to hit the back of the net.

Our 2 new boys from the 5ths, Steve F and Rob H did well for us when called upon and hopefully both will continue to work hard to earn another call up to the 4ths and also share their experience with the 5ths. John Lee also played an exceptional game, the best I’ve seen him play all season and Aleco was really good on the right of defence with his tackling and supporting runs. He created numerous goal scoring chances for Wison to tuck away. Overall, the whole team played very well again and we look forward to another consistent performance from the boys. Now for top scoring Collingwood City.

Clifton D.