2006 Round 1 - Fourths vs Old Trinity

Author: Cliff Dragon

Score: 2 - 1
Goal Scorer: Wison Le, OG

Our 1st game of the season (also our 1st away game) was played at Trinity Grammer at Bulleen. We were very fortunate to play on a beautiful pitch and that enabled our boys to play a good brand of passing football even though both the Referee and back up referee didn’t turn up.

Despite playing the whole game without an actual goalkeeper (thank you Simon for putting your hand up and good effort), we managed to kick off the season with a well earned 2-1 away win. In fact, if not for the Ref ( who actually forgot what time he started the 2nd half and went on for ages!!!) We would have possibly not conceded at all, who knows.

The game started off at a frantic pace as our boys used their youth to outrun our opponents and our 1st opportunity fell to Wison who had only the goalkeeper to beat but his shot was well saved. Our Midfield of Ben M, Anil, Sera and James did well to support both in attack and defence. Anil was rewarded for his hard work by opening the scoring for us with a well taken shot from just outside the 18yard box. It was good to see our wingers Wison and James using the flanks and having a good run at Old Trinity’s defence.

Our boys played their best football in the first 15minutes of the 2nd half. The boys kept possession and moved the ball around really well. There was support provided everytime a team member was in possession of the ball. Our defence must be complimented on a great performance, especially with the interception and cutting off of attacks from Old Trinity. Well done Ben R (captain for the day) for marshalling the defence , John L, Garo and David R for a solid performance. Brian and Wison caused all sorts of trouble running and taking on Old Trinity’s defence.

Overall, it was a solid performance and the signs are very encouraging for the boys and we look forward to our 1st home game this sat.. Well done boys!!

Clifton D.