2006 Round 1 - Fifths vs Melb Uni

Author: Steven Flemming

Score: 1 - 0
Goal Scorer: Krit Jodahsing

Fifth had a great win on the weekend in the Academic Derby and were unlucky to only finsih up by 1. The starting line-up was as follows. New keeping recruit Joseph. Back three was Steven Flemming, Alex De La Torre & Ben Erlich (making his Fifths team debut for MUSC without ever having played a game of outdoor before in his life). Krit just in front of the back three, with JJ and Robbie controlling the centre. Ben Dziekan out wide on the left and Jamie Rutherford on the right. Upfront was Matty and Alvin. Bench consisted of Vercoe, Kenny K, Joe and Chris V. James was a late arrival. A large crowd of 4 non-playing supporters showed up to cheer the boys on.

Matty and Alvin were giving 100% from the opening kick, and had some agonisingly close calls but it was Krit, playing in front of the back 3 who managed to slot one past the keeper with a lovely touch from right in front. Jamie, Ben and later James had it all their way down the wings, just couldn't quite get the finishing in the middle. I've seen some very strong teams that had trouble finishing, no shame there just something for us to work on.

Alex did a masterful job driving the back line, and Krit was happy to get his hands dirty which sure helped me and Ben in the backline. There were a few times we were pushed, especially when their primary offensive player, a large quick fellow with skills had the ball. Yours truly made a few sloppy decisions and was lucky to get off without being punished for it, but hey considering it's the first game in 10 years or so i'll go easy on myself. Ben Erlich had a few attempts at perfecting the throw in without any luck. Soething to work on as well. Kenny came on and that was the last i remember seeing from the right wing so i'm figuring he locked em out of the game completely. Paul came on and demonstrated a lot of energy roaring up and down the right sideline after doing the same for 90 minutes in the thirds as well, and also took a lovely free kick that had their keeper quite worried.

Joseph was great in goals, inspired a great deal of confidence by standing on the half way line for most of the game and never really looked in trouble. He looked particularly comfortable up around the halfway line, someone should have offered him a chair. Someone should probably have a talk with that lad. James?

According to Johnny "JJ is all over this game" and helped provide some on-field leadership (despite any ahh, issues certain coaching staff may have expressed with his play). He went in hard all game, and that always helps lift people. Robbie and Krit for that matter, are those b*stard players who have a knack for just slowing the play down, taking their time, and making it all look leisurely and easy. You can almost hear them...'Whats that you say? I've got 2 or 3 players on me? She'll be right i'll just casually slip a ball through to the man in space'. Bastards, both of em. Just kidding lads.

I didn't really see too much more of the game from my vantage point (either gasping for breath or frantically chasing down some forward i just let past me) but thats what i remember. A solid win, we clearly dominated the play. Just don't talk to Ben about throw-ins.

Finally, special thanks also to all those who backed up a game in the 3rds and came out for a run with us, and all players (and coaches) who came down to lend a hand on the day.