2010 Round 18 - Stallions vs Beaumaris

Venue: Beaumaris Reserve, Beaumaris
1 - 4

Match report by Michael Jhoomun

The final game.

An easy selection week with all players who trained selected for an expected tough encounter against title contender Beaumaris. Previous score line against Beaumaris ensured a strong starting line-up and squad.

The pre-game mood had carnival like atmosphere with 'party boy' Kenny staggering into the change rooms. Kenny was reported by my nightclub spy to be seen partying hard knowing that the mining tax would not be enforced allowing his riches to be used to influence the Monash Committee. Kenny was rumoured to devise a policy that would reduce cost for the club by closing the clubrooms to players who did not purchase sausages after training. Kenny also flagged the idea that additional revenue could be created by charging for showers but as a team of non-showering players this idea was quickly rebuffed. After scoring last week Kenny has become hard to manage with the manager keen to look at options during the summer transfer window.

The starting line-up was follows.

Saint Reza who when challenged how many players did he know from his AFL team responded with "Tony Lockett and Stewie Lowe eeerr and Gary Lyon".

Defence was Football Analyst 'Pog'. After reading Fossie's book 3 times over Pog wanted to ensure that the beautiful game is not about goals and golden boots and requested only players that help out defence be allowed to be in goal scoring opportunities. This pleased the Asian Mafia who has all their money on Arnie but was put down to a "Committee moment" and dismissed quickly by the coaching staff. Centre backs were Big Jack, Big Paul and left back was party boy Kenny.

Midfield was smiling assassin Glen, Pana's best mate Kon, 2IC Jin and Asian Mafia 'golden boy' and golden boot favourite Arnie.

Up front was retiring club legend and original 'party boy' Nektar and Lou the magician.

On the bench was reigning golden boot MJ, Underage but can look 15 when he wears an earring Jason, Quiet Achiever and Ladies Man George, Kon's best mate Pana and Night club spy on Kenny JJ.

Special mention for supporting guest appearances by Karaoke and X factor star in waiting JJ's wife Nadia and daughter Emilia.  Another extra special mention to the real 'JJ' Jessica Jhoomun who already knows how to scream "REEFFFFFFFFFFF!!" after any fall, and supermodel/mum/wife Tanya Jhoomun.

Missing in action for the last game was Designer T-shirt Steve, Andrino Roberts, P Diddy Bryan, Jhoomun Fan Konrad, 13 Kabs, Moses, Keeper Chendi and back in Gippsland Ant.

Onto the game…

The game started well for Monash with chances created in a typical 1st half dominant display the stallions. I kid you not... If Monash Stallions were to produce more 1st half displays throughout the 90 minutes like this (and similar other 1st half displays) they would be contending for a title this year. This is not a biased opinion but realistically we have not been down by any more than a goal at half time and have always created chances to test the keeper first half. I cannot recall any half time speech that we were being outclassed by opposition we could not match.

Monash conceded the first goal through a defensive error that gifted Beaumaris an undeserved lead but was able to give Beaumaris confidence that they could stroll to an easy win. Monash responded quite well with Nektar continuing to pressure their defence not allowing any easy build up. This allowed Arnie, Glen and Glen some space to take on defenders and create several chances in the box for Monash. Unfortunately Monash could not capitalise this dominance as realistically Monash could have scored 2-3 goals to really put Beau under pressure. Monash did eventually score after a neat through ball from Nektar to Lou. Lou still had some work to do but with some composure was able to finish past the oncoming keeper to score an equaliser to make it 1-1.

Monash were back in it but quickly conceded again through a well drilled low cross for their striker to meet at the far post to regain the lead for Beau. The introduction of Jason and myself at the 30 minute mark provided some opportunities but the best opportunity fell to Jason. A deft well weighted pass from myself to Jason put Jason through on to the keeper but a late tackle from Beau gave Arnie a free kick just outside the box. Arnie had the opportunity to even it up and provide some return for the Mafia but shot just wide.

2-1 down at half time with the introduction of JJ, Pana and George.

Monash created some chances with Nektar and myself upfront. Nektar flicked on quickly to myself allowing an opportunity to cross through to George in what would have been a certain goal. Unfortunately I could not read the pitch correctly and the pass never made it to George to score. This would have been great timing and provided a quick response from Monash. JJ and Pana were to have some influence but this was season 2010 not 1999 and the team could not provide enough possession pressure to push forward.

The pitch, although the same for both teams, ensured that Monash's style of play could not be asserted and were to concede a further 2 more goals. The third goal was quite a nice finish but the 4th was a mismatch in height without Paul at the back who had been subbed for rotation purposes.

Good games to Arnie, Nektar in his farewell, Paul, Jack, Pog and Lou will ensure player votes go down to the wire in player Best and Fairest.

4-1 Loss was the final result with Lou taking out the Golden boot in a long season. Lou was able to earn his place up front after a mid-season dip to score some important goals against tough opposition. Lou is capable of easily doubling this next season and with Arnie and Jason should be scoring 20+ goals between these 3 players alone. I might assist with a few :…

A long season has come to an end with fluctuating form but there were some great times shared by all… Look forward to doing it again.