2010 Round 14 - Stallions vs Marcellin Eagles

Venue: Monash University
Score: 1 - 2

Match report by Michael Jhoomun

Major movements at Monash with the transition of Paul as Coach being initiated quickly. The committee have not been pleased with receiving calls from the tax office asking “who is the mafia?” and “how does a Sunday team generate such lengthy match reports?”. This may lead to an investigation of all the audit books and the disappearance of Kaibil.

On to the game… Pitch three was again chosen for the Stallions in an obvious attempt by Arnie to eliminate myself from Golden boot calculations. Pre-game banter was fairly rigid with a proper warm up and focused team wanting to win for the team. The referee somehow thought he could have enough influence to change the pitch and we could not comprehend where he could get this idea from.

The line-up was as follows: Saint Reza. Mr Technical Pog, General Konrad, Mining Magnate Ken and Quiet achiever George. Designer T-Shirt who is now designer tracksuit pants Steve, PK Pana, Yet to score Jin who only rides with Arnie and Arnie who only rides with Jin. Up front was temperamental, talented striker Nektar with Lou the Magician.

On the bench initially were underage Jason, Late again Big Jack, Golden Boot MJ and Coach from the sides Paul.

Now really on to the game…

Monash Stallions started once again very positively and looked the superior team. The ball was moved around quite well with possession being dominated although the final third was still hard to penetrate. It was a good quality game with both teams creating good passages of play but no luck in creating any opportunities to test the keeper. Monash were persistent with Pana and Jin dominating midfield pulling everyone in to the game. The best chance fell through to Lou who created an even better chance for Arnie only for Arnie to side foot the ball onto the post which he normally would put away.

Marcellin were to come forward too with their main player #8 creating the main opportunities for their team. Monash were to pay for their lack of pressure to close down his long range effort to put the ball past Reza to go 1-0 up just before the 30 minute mark. Rotations were made but the score remained 1-0 to Marcellin at half time.

The call was made to bring myself on to partner underage Jason. Paul’s half time speech was about not overcooking it. Konrad thought he was talking about his sausages and after being calmed by Pog that it was just an “English football term” resumed play.

Monash started well with the silky skills of MJ hard to contain. Chest control, back flicks, back heels proved a focal point for the Stallions. A long ball in to the box was expertly controlled with a deft touch bringing the ball to MJ’s head putting in the ‘mixer’. Underage Jason latched on the ball and with work still to do was able to score his fourth goal of the season planting the ball in the bottom left corner. Jason was very happy but did not have his girlfriend there to witness this occasion. Instead he found Arnie, embraced Arnie with a hug and promised to dedicate Salt n Peppers ‘Whatta Man’ to himself on love songs and dedications.

A few more long range shots from Jason, Arnie, Jin and myself could not generate enough power to test the keeper to go on and take the lead. This allowed Marcellin to slowly regain their confidence and come back in to the game. Marcellin eventually went ahead through a well taken bicycle kick to once again have Monash having to score 3 goals in a game to have a chance of winning. Marcellin were 2-1 up and nearly three except for save of the season from Reza.

Monash were to create a few more chances with Nektar putting in a cross only for MJ’s header to be saved by the keeper. Another late chance was taken by Jason but could not hit the back of the net.

Marcellin did take their chances but Monash played well enough to get something from the game but the team cannot concede 2 goals and expect to win. Paul performed well and was unlucky not to continue the tradition of first game coaches getting results mid-season. Pana and Jin combined well with the wingers and defence looked very comfortable passing the ball. A win is not far away…