2010 Round 7 - Stallions vs Old Scotch

Venue: Monash Uni
Score: 2 - 0

Match report by Michael Jhoomun

A good win as Arnie scores a brace.

A massive turnout to Thursday's training ensured a strong squad was selected with a few players unfortunate to miss out. Squad selection is always tough but that was the task that needed to be completed.

The squad today took a slightly different feel with the Asian Mafia leaders of Big Jack and 2IC Jin given a rest. Rumors that a new mafia was looking to make its stamp. The 'Greek' mafia was quashed quickly with JJ informing the squad of his contract with Monash Clause 1:1 "No majority Greek teams or style of play'.

The squad was as follows for the clash against Old Scotch with an attacking formation.

Back in goals was "Reza" who can only wash his own top.

Defence was a warm welcome back to smiling assassin Glen, Mining Magnate Ken who was after a 'take' for his farewell game who is only now adjusting to the Super tax and is off to the world cup, and Mr. Monash Konrad.

Mid-field was on time Alex, "Hard nut" JJ, CFO Pana who is now considering auditioning for the "The Apprentice" after this week eliminating Asian Mafia leaders and Brian in a move which will allow a monopoly on playing time for Greek players. Leading Asian Mafia was Arnie who had to report back to the bosses with today's 'takings'. Arnie did not want to go back without any takings ad was quite nervous pre game. The Asian Mafia had been seen last night late at a Karaoke bar arm in arm singing "

Attacking was Lou the magician, still leading goal scorer after 7 rounds myself and Bollywood star Andy 'Dreeeeno' Roberts. Andy was told after training on Thursday's to make sure he 'gets in to Old Scotch' this weekend. Andy took this literally and was rumored to drink a copious amount of 'Old Scotch' with friends last night. Embarrassing but true…

To commence on the bench was Ned who is so scared of the Mafia was overheard to say 'were like twins' although he has blond hair, a beard and brown eyes. 'Mad Chef' Kaibil, Designer T-shirt Steve and underage pop sensation Jason 'Beaver Fever'.

On to the game…

Play started reasonably well with Monash asserting their control very quickly. Old Scotch was on the back foot very quickly but Monash realistically although controlling the game was not playing 'Beautiful' football just yet. Play was building up through both sides but it was Alex who was able to dominate proceedings early. Defence were supporting well with midfield also coming back. Monash were starting to create real chances now but it was goals that were required. Lou was able to bring down a well guided header from myself only to be denied at the last second in what looked to be a certain goal. Attack were appreciated the assistance but could not capitilise. JJ hit a slightly over hit ball in what would have been a Jhoomun assist, Jhoomun goal moment but again could not test the keeper. Alex was continually dominated on his side and was creating a few shots on goal and crosses which went close but did not trouble the keeper. Arnie was able to provide pace down his side to deliver a well taken low cross which just eluded Lou's outstretched toe.

It took a well taken corner from Alex to meet with Glens head to unlock Old Scotch's defence. Arnie was quick to pounce on the loose ball and with still work to do was able to add to his goal tally and score to make it 1-0.

Substitutions were made including the ref (another story which I have no room for in this report) which brought on Kaibil, Nedved and Steve.

Ned was able to make an immediate impact with a few quick shots and defending well. Steve was able to communicate well with his Greek ally Pana quickly discussing which Wogboy was better and getting quite heated whilst the opposition took a throw in.

1-0 at the break with a more balanced attacking/defensive strategy and the introduction of Jason. Defence appreciated the assistance and was able to move the ball quickly switching sides and have Old Scotch chase the game. Monash were able to absorb this pressure well. A well taken corner from Andy Roberts met Arnie who was able to expertly guide the ball downwards in to the bottom left corner. 2-0 up and Monash were on their way to another win. The real easy chances were to come now as the game opened up. JJ was starting to string together a few well taken through balls but Monash could not test the keeper.

Chances were now opening up for Monash to really thrash Old Scotch. A golden opportunity for Alex put him through for a 1 on 1 but was only able to blast the ball at the keeper. Another opportunity for Andy Roberts which really was the easiest of them all again could not slot it away.

Jason was able to make an immediate impact and defended well but was able to read the play going forward well. Jason linked up with myself and Alex which allowed neat through ball to Jason only for his shot to go wide. Another chance had Jason through in the box from myself but could not convert after a well timed run. Jason played well today and would be in the votes again.

A 2-0 win was a good result but plenty of opportunity to get back to the level played earlier this season. A clean sheet for Reza after some good saves giving further confidence to Monash Defence after last weeks display.

Well done boys and look forward to giving a few players a run next week.