2010 Round 5 - Stallions vs Marcellin Eagles

Venue: Marcellin College, Bulleen
Score: 1 - 2

Match report by Michael Jhoomun

A positive mood after a good start to the season. A few key members out of the squad this week but felt we had the depth and returns to make a match. A big week in football with Australia submitting the world cup bid but I was surprised I was not asked to contribute with my match reports.

The game was an away leg at Marcellin at the home of Marco Bresciano and a pitch to challenge Monash surface although not that wide. Weather was great and a home crowd to create some atmosphere.

Back in goals was You tube hero Chendi, Returning regular Mr. Technical Pog who wanted to discuss tactics with Craig Foster to ensure we were playing the beautiful game, Big Jack, Mining magnate Ken and Stallions debutant Ned.

Midfield was Olympiakos Fan, Pana, 2IC Jin, Arnie 'Iron man' Lee, and Lou the magician who appeared on the left.

Up front was Bollywood star Andrino Andy Roberts and myself golden boot.

On the bench was Jason who has taken to wearing a earring to prove his toughness to the mafia but they still have to lend him I.D to get into night club's, Mad Chef Kaibil, and Quiet Achiever George.

Taking the coaching reins today was coach in grooming Paul.

The game started well for both teams, Monash with some good chances from far and Chendi ensuring a strong defence. The defence was in control and ensured shots from Marcellin were from far and withstood the pressure quite well. Chendi had to make some saves but this was to be expected against Marcellin. Mid field was quite tough with Pana leading the way but could not create any clear chances for Monash. A few long range shots just could not land in the right spot with Lou going close, Arnie having a good shot blocked and Andrino testing the keeper early on. The ½ chances could not test the keeper.

0-0 at half time and Paul's address was to be decisive, get back into the game with our short passing and keep trying to test the keeper. This was a tough game and it would be only minor differences to get the result.

Kaibil came on for me, Jason for Lou and George for Jin allowing Ned to play his preferred position of midfield.

Marcellin were creating chances of their own but Jack and Kenny had control in the middle of defence absorbing the pressure as a unit. George and Michael were supporting well allowing Jason, Arnie and Lou to work the wings as planned.

A well timed run down the left tested George for the first time that was able to beat a challenge, skip past but take a well taken shot in the bottom corner to the home crowd's joy. An unfortunate goal to concede but Marcellin were able to be rewarded for taking their chance. Marcellin definitely lifted and looked more likely to score again. Marcellin was able to create more chances and a goal worthy of winning the tight contest was drilled just beating Chendi.

Changes were made to formations which put myself back on and Monash knew to keep testing them and chances would be created. Jason was able to run at defenders earning a free kick. This had Lou's left foot written all over it but was only able to hit the cross bar. Lou was causing problems and continued to thrive in his return.

Ned was able to angle a through ball but credit to Marcellin who were able to run with Arnie allowing no space for Arnie's usual cut in for a shot on goal. The play had slightly shifted with Monash  now creating the chances and only looking vulnerable on the break as Marcellin had starting to lose their legs. A dangerous ball was not dealt with quickly by Marcellin and Lou was able to pounce on this to score a well earned goal and a chance for Monash to get back in to the game. 2-1 and it was now Monash looking most likely to score.

Play was building up on the left side with Lou's throw ins well taken causing trouble for Marcellin as their defence were starting to get tired. Lou threw a great ball to my feet which I was able to turn the defender 'Mark Viduka' Style in the box…only for my shot to be blocked by Andy who was dreaming of Bollywood movies and how he wished one day David Beckham would be a bollywood star.

A few more chances in a frantic ending but Marcellin were able to secure a win in a tough contest.

Monash were not at their best and were still able to go close but Marcellin walk away with the points and Monash no points to show. Good to see Chendi starting to return to form and Lou make a quick impact on his return. I don't think that we played particular poor but their 1st goal came at a good time for Marcellin and they were able to go from there.

Another big encounter next week at home. Season defining game!