2010 Round 4 - Stallions vs RMIT

Venue: Monash University
Score: 8 - 1

Match report by Michael Jhoomun

Last year Monash Stallions were thrashed by RMIT and were never really in the game against them. Today was Monash turn to give them a lesson and also reward for players who were able to play again this season.

The game was played on pitch 4 with beautiful weather and a relaxed mood prior to game. As always everybody was keen to impress with the absence of Mr. Yellow 'Pana' not selected.

he opponent was RMIT and squad as follows:
Saints supporter Reza in goal, Quiet achiever George, Anglo Saxon Hughsey, Big Jack and Mr. Monash Konrad

Mid field was 2IC Jin with newly appointed smiling assassin Glen who was rumored to pick up girls with the line of "Do you think I look like Stan from Australian Idol". On the left was Jin's girlfriend Arnie and Arnie's girlfriend Jason the right. Up front was 'P Diddy' Brian who has been linked with buying all of Monash in a deal to secure more game time and better playing surfaces for the Stallions. Running late was club signing Andy Roberts who was keen to impress with Lou the magician out injured.

Starting on the bench was Mining magnate Kenny who had been distraught after the Governments decision to implement a super tax. Kenny had been hoping for support from his teammates but found no sympathy at training and was keen to put behind him a tough week at the office. Advertising Guru Alex, formations king Moses, and a welcome back to Nektar.

Coaching was I and Paul

Onto the game…

The team tactics were about making use of 1st half and dominance which had not been achieved truly this season thus far. 

Play started well with great movement, shape and link up play. With Glen slowly adjusting to his new position under his tutor Jin, Monash were starting to play and create pressure on RMIT defence. With play building up on the left a short quick lay off to Glen from about 25 metres out allowed Glen to take a first time shot which was expertly drilled into the bottom right corner. A great start with a great goal which probably does not do justice to how good it was.

Again Glen found himself with a few metres of space and decided to take a crack. This goal was one of he best we have seen not just for the Sunday teams but for the club. Glen took the ball calmly and unleashed an unstoppable ball into the top left corner. The players on the pitch and sidelines applauded the strike and had Monash 2-0 up and the flood gates were about to open.

Jason who is Asia's answer to Justin Bieber wanted to make his mark on the game and was constantly battling for possession down the right and also making well timed runs in to the box. This would be resulted with 2 quick goals for Jason which was just reward for hard running and possession. Andy was able to open his Monash account as striker with a well taken left foot drive beating the hapless keeper. 5-0 and Monash did not look like stopping. Moses and Kenny were now on for Glen and Rob who were keen to maintain momentum to half time. Moses was able to get in to the play quickly with good positioning and tackling play. With play building up inside the box the ball was squeezed outside the box to Moses who only had one thing on his mind to shoot which was drilled bottom right corner to make it 6-0. Monash could have been even more but for a few missed chances but could not complain at 6-0 up.

2nd half speech was about maintaining the level of play, balls on the ground and to strive for a better 2nd half which would be hard to top.

Alex was introduced into the game and was able to link up well quickly with Glen. Defence was handling an improved RMIT with Reza making some good saves. RMIT were creating chances and were doing enough to be competitive in the 2nd half. A clean sheet was looking good. An unfortunate communication error in an otherwise well organized defence allowed RMIT to score which at the period of the game was not totally against the run of play.

This lifted Monash who were keen to win both halves and were quickly able to score again through Andy Roberts quick follow up to make it 7-1.Andy's goal celebration of a disgruntled defender took everybody by surprise which may require further explaining to the team at training.

7-1 saw the introduction of Nektar who was very quick to get in to the play. A quick through ball to Nektar gave Monash another opportunity which Nektar was able to control the ball, run at defender, hold it up, use Jason before unleashing a top left corner shot to make it 8-1.

A dominant display but today was about Monash taking their chances with most goals being well placed making it hard for any keeper to stop. This was supported by a solid defence.

Good to enjoy a good win but will need to be at our best to challenge Marcellin next week.

A few key players to return will ensure a competitive environment at training this week.