2010 Round 3 - Stallions vs Elwood City

Venue: Elwood Park
Score: 3 - 1

Match report by Michael Jhoomun

Change management...

A famous subject and work topic that the Monash Stallions would be tested on today. With squad rotation demanded every week it was important for all players selected to put on their best form. 

The mood was relaxed initially but all were keen to be part of a winning squad after last week’s loss. 

The opponent was Elwood City and the squad was as follows: 

Saints supporter in any fashion Reza, Smiling assassin Glen, Mining Magnate Kenny, Anglo Saxon Roberto Hughes, Mr.  Monash on Stallions debut Konrad

Midfield was 2IC but in charge today due to ‘Big Jack’ being rested Jin with Pana. Pana was heard blasting cold play’s hit ‘Yellow’ on the way due to his love for all things yellow including cards from the referee. On the left was Alex. Alex had become insanely jealous over preseason of myself and how to snare a solo golden boot and was keen to open his account. On the right was Arnie who was late as he had to drop by Jason’s to say that his relationship with in was purely platonic.

Attacking was Brian ‘P Diddy’ Bai who only carries $100 dollar notes. Brian had to pay for club socks before the game and thought by offering a $100 dollar note to Konrad he could get out of paying…wrong person…I would not be surprised if Konrad had a portable eftpos for Monash given is dedication to the Monash cause.

Striker was Lou the ‘magician’.

Starting on the bench was Kabil ‘Mad Chef’, Civil Engineer George and Mr. Victory Anthony. 

On to the game… 

The ref called the squad in before kick off giving his prediction that we should win easy...he obviously had flown in from Serie A and was known amongst referees as the ‘the fixer’. 

The game started well with Stallions quick to be in control of general play and ball movement. Defence had everything under control with Rob continuing his hot form of last week. Kenny and Rob have formed a great partnership this season and showed again today how to support each other.

Chances were starting to be created from midfield with Jin having a few long range shots which went extremely close. Lou was also linking up with Brian and the ball was moved around quickly on the ground very well. Alex and Glen had the left covered whilst Arnie was completing his trademark ‘Messi’ runs.

Monash were now in control and the players knew it was a matter of when we will score not if. Brian was able to slot away his first shot on goal after a determined run resulting with the ball drilled across the keeper to nestle in the bottom corner to make it 1-0.

A slight sense of self satisfaction after all our goal shooting practice from Paul and I was staring to pay off with Jin going again close with a well taken long shot.

Konrad was working himself well into play whist maintaining defensive duties and encouraging arnie to push forward. Play was built up on the right for Alex to meet a cross and with a after a deft first touch smacked a volley passed the keeper who remained still just watching the ball go past. 

Changes were made with Anthony slotting in quickly to midfield, and ‘Mad Chef’ Kabil quickly showing off some silky moves allowing some neat build up play. Anthony linked up well with Alex resulting in several corners but no real chances apart from a long range volley from Kabil before just before the break. 

2-0 at half time but in pre season we have been in this position before only to lose. We knew the job was not done yet and the pace needed to be stepped up. George was now on and everyone had been on the pitch. 

The 2nd half saw better movement off the ball and the pace initially was quicker. A quick run through put Lou the magician through and with a composed low cross found Arnie who had made a well timed run for Monash’s 3rd. 3-0 Up but Elwood still had 1-2 players giving us trouble and creating chances for them. 

A cross which was initially well taken by Reza unfortunately could not keep control of cross resulting in an easy goal. An otherwise strong performance in goals but Elwood was lucky to score. This goal built up confidence for Elwood and confidence was starting to grow as Elwood were creating chances whilst Monash were not taking their opportunities. Some key defending took place with George and Konrad being tested but coming through with some well organized communication.  

A few late changes with 10 minutes left saw a Cameo performance by myself and could have a goal and a assist but for a poor surface.  

Overall good result but still plenty of room for improvement to finish chances, kill games and overall fitness. 

Look forward to training and continued improvement.