2010 Round 2 - Stallions vs South Yarra

Venue: Monash University
Score: 0 - 4

Match report by Michael Jhoomun

Score line only gives result...

What a big week in football...Carl William's dead with the Asian Mafia sticking close together on Thursday night's training trying to form their own team and salary rorts within Melbourne Storm.

The committee of Monash was questioned about the legitimacy of James Bernard pre booked points and the double booking of pitches but after crisis meetings that went longer than squad announcements on a Thursday night everyone was cleared to play and all points will remain with James and Konrad.

The opponent was South Yarra and a strong squad was demanded. The squad was as follows:

You tube hit sensation Chendi was in goals who s now considering an online career to compliment his PHD in sculptures.

Defence has smiling assassin and thirds transfer target Glen, Non ethnic background and single Anglo-Saxon surname Rob Hughes, Mining magnate Kenny and mafia leader otherwise known around Melbourne as ‘Big Jack'.

Mid Field was Arnie who on the way to the game was heard blasting Delta Goodrem's hit ‘Lost without you' in dedication to Jason but vowed he would dedicate a love song dedication to his underage pal who has been rotated for this week, on the left, Greek League correspondent Pana, Designer T-Shirt ‘Steve' who can do a 1 ½ hour warm up and still not have his boots on 5 minutes before the game, 2 IC Jin and Andy ‘Dreeno' ‘Plex' ‘Purps' ‘Becks' Roberts.

Up front was Lou the magician.

On the bench was Stallions debutant Tom, friend of Asian mafia, Moses and leading/reining golden boot M.J.

A minutes silence was observed in respect of Anzac Day

Playing on pitch 4 the mood was ‘team game' and to keep taking shots as per training. The game started off in a tense affair with both teams building up pressure in midfield but both defence's standing strong to keep chances to a minimum. Monash were starting to play their best football thus far in season 2010 with Arnie again testing the defence drawing many fouls from the opposition. Gin and Pana were well organized and defence with a starring performance by Rob running the show. South Yarra still had their chances but nothing that could not be covered. A free kick taken by Rob Hughes expertly anticipated a run by Arnie meeting his head. The header exquisitely lobbed the keeper bouncing over his head but to the disbelief also bounced over the cross bar. The chances were coming and Monash were on an intense period of pressure.

Tom was introduced for Andy after Andy's string of trademark nutmegs and Jin was replaced by Moses in his preferred role of midfield.

Lou ‘The Magician' was starting to weave his magic and we needed him to continue his goal scoring form. A 1 on 1 chance allowed the magician through and Lou was through, with strong pressure from defence the magician could not elude the defence this week and a chance was gone. Long shots by Pana and Jack also could not break the defence. With the bench waiting for the stroke of half time South Yarra ran the ball down his right to put in a hopeful chance but a lapse in defence allowed a goal to South Yarra against the run of play in myself and coach in grooming Paul Salmon's opinion. South Yarra 1-0 ahead at half time and the half time speech was one of continuing hard work, and informing Pana that yellow cards may be tolerated by Olympiakos but whilst he was playing for Monash they would need to remain in the ref's pocket.

The 2nd half saw the introduction of myself with Steve having a breather to contemplate what t-shirt to wear to training.

It was South Yarra's turn to heap the pressure on and exert their strengths of ball control on the game. South Yarras 2nd goal showed the difference between the two teams with the South Yarra striker beating the defender and drilling a well taken shot into the bottom right corner. 2-0 to South Yarra with not enough chances being created up front to threaten South Yarra. A corner taken by South Yarra led to a ball not being dispatched quickly by Chendi for an easy tap in for 3-0. Monash had a few free kicks within shooting distance but could not threaten the keeper. A long ball to myself put myself through but a lob when a controlled ball was required saw that chance go before it was taken. South Yarra defence was strong and 2nd half performance ensured a clean sheet. An unfortunate hand ball which was lucky to be given gave South Yarra to make it 4-0 before the final whistle.

The score line only gives the result but it is the result which gives true satisfaction.  We lost an important game but there was enjoyment in the improvement and team play which should give us some confidence for our next game.

In the votes would have to Be Rob Hughes and Kenny with a host of others up for contention.

With Alex, Konrad, Anthony, George, Kaibil, Brian and Reza to play next week there will be some team changes for our next opponent.