2010 Round 1 - Stallions vs Caulfield Cobras

Venue: Victory Park, Bentleigh
Score: 7 - 2
M. Jhoomun 4, L. Chua 3

Match report by Michael Jhoomun

Today was the day we were all waiting for all season...Round 1

The squad was strong with plenty players to choose from...the 14 selected had pressure to perform as there were quite a number of unlucky players to miss out. The squad was as follows

Defence was Smiling Assassin Glen....Coach in grooming Mr. Salmon...Asian Mafia leader-Big Jack...he always knows where the asian mafia is coming but can't tell you where. and Mr. Technical Michael P...Goal Keeper was traffic director Chendi

Midfield was chicken nugget Arnie...Greek strip expert Pana...Mining magnate Kenny returning player but late for his first game due to toilet issues Andy..with 2IC to Jack Asian mafia leader Gin

Up front was Lou the magician

On the bench to start off was Jason ‘I wish I had fake id', designer t-shirts on all occasions Steve and reigning golden boot myself.

The day was pleasant but the pitch was rougher than an end of season trip to Lorne...but that's another story.

The opposition was barely able to put together a team and was no surprise to be 1-0 up after 1 minute through a quick shot on goal by Lou. The team were starting to think...90 minutes...90 goals...the play and passing was nice to watch with players encouraged to shoot outside the box the shots were starting to come in but not enough to test the keeper..Up stepped Arnie who was thinking ‘chicken nugget power' and directed a powerful shot to the keeper...Lou was able to clean up to put Monash 2-0 up.

Monash were 2-0 up and creating many chances but due to many off sides and slight lack of composure could not find a deserved third goal quickly enough. Monash paid for this by conceding a goal against the run of play but enough to test Chendi 2-1 and we had some competition. The third goal and hat-trick for Lou came just before the break with a left foot curler which just squeezed into the bottom left corner...definitely the pick of Lou's goals for the day.

Half time...the speech was positive and to continue our play and the opportunities will come. A more attacking formation and with Steve and Jason now in the game we had fit legs and players to continue on. Steve also had a cheer squad dedicated to him.

A dodgy pitch led to a bad timed hamstring strain for our coach in grooming Paul...this unfortunately led to another goal conceded and it was 3-2. With myself now on with Lou we knew through last week's practice match loss that we needed to remain positive and concede no more. Pana was back on with Mafia leader Jack back to control takings.

With Lou already on a hat trick I was not ready to let my golden boot just slip away...1 opportunity fell to myself and was duly put away...Andy Roberts was also keen to show that Bayside's loss was Monash gain..After taking on his defender on the right a cross was delivered to my head...2 goals to myself...play was building up nicely and Monash were back controlling the game...Arnie was terrorizing their defence with a 3 vote performance and was able to provide a quick low cross for...u guessed it again...myself to easily slot away..Hat-trick to myself but still a few minutes remaining...with reining best and fairest...smiling assassin Glen keen to get in on the action a long throw in was taken... a arched run by myself broke the offside trap and I was through...the keeper was bearing down to close the space on goal..as was Kenny along side me who wanted to talk about Newcrest Mining share price, why he loves centre backs and maybe pass the ball to him...a composed mind and a instant replay of Messi's recent chip goal encouraged myself to ‘dink' the ball nonchalantly over the keeper...with goal celebration already starting before crossing the line in true striker style a fourth was added...

Looking at the positives we were able to play different formations and defend reasonably well for the majority of the game...without Pauls' injury we would have only conceded 1 which was better than last week. As the team gels together we will develop our attacking runs to remain onside.

3-2-1 votes were quite hard but Arnie and Lou would be sure to be in players mind...

In true cliché style the stallions will take it 1 week at a time and be happy to nominate their winning team in any order Thursday night.

7-2 winners.