Club Person of the Year 2016

The annual award aims to recognise the contribution made to the club by various individuals throughout the year. The history of the award and its past winners can be viewed on the Honour Board page in the History section of the web site.

The committee strongly encourages all members to vote using the form below. The short-list of candidates for 2016 has been carefully pre-selected by the committee, and the reasons behind each nomination are briefly described below. However members are welcome to submit their vote for ANY current member of MUSC. Please vote only once.

The Club Person of the Year winner will be announced and awarded at the Presentation Night.


The 2016 Shortlist (in alphabetical order)

Luke Hall

2016 was Luke's first season at Monash as he began the season as a member of the Colts. Unfortunately  Luke suffered a season ending ankle fracture in the first game. Luke then went on to volunteer his time to assist in the coaching of the Women's Reserve team. He approached the role with lots of enthusiasm and passion and worked with the girls to develop their skills and grow as a team throughout the season. Luke, in his first year has already made a great mark in the club and we look forward to many more years with him. Luke's generosity with his time, and willingness to help, make him a worthy recipient of Club Person of the Year 2016.

Monica Macgregor

Monica, an enthusiastic member, co-captain and key player of the Women's Thirds team has displayed her natural leadership both on and off the pitch. Prior to a coach being appointed, Mon volunteered and stepped into the huge shoes of a coaching role. She is passionate about the ongoing success of he Women's team and through her commitment at the club, has welcomed many new faces and specifically helped in building up new talent and confidence in individuals in the Women's Thirds team. Thank you for your help Monica!

Andrew Patterson

The famous George Clooney, club and life member, legend of MUSC, Andrew Patterson has been an incredible member of the club both on and off the field. Patto is someone who dedicates most of his spare time into running the club from behind the scenes, but also does put the entire club before himself. Our trusty equipment manager, the person who comes up with the best innovative ideas for Saturday BBQs (upgrades from snags to freshly barbequed chicken), the person who is often always available for a chat and has the best resolution of any issues that arise. Patto loves the sport, he looks after the good of all 8 teams at the club, and most of all his love for the club really doe make him a worthy nominee of Club Person of the Year 2016.

Ned Rocke

Vice-president Ned continues to deliver for the club both on and off the field. He was an integral part of the championship winning Reserves squad while also making a handful of appearances to help bolster the Sunday Men's teams. Off the pitch, Ned is a key driver of the culture at the club, being the chief organiser of all social events. He's also a valuable member of the committee who work tirelessly in the background to ensure the sucess of the club. Overall, he would be a well-deserved club person of the year.

Rachel Yeo

In 2016 Rach Yeo has been a valuable member of the club both on and off the pitch. Playing for the Women's Seniors this year and taking on the role of Women's Vice-President, Rach has worked tirelessly to make this season run smoothly for all. The many hours Rach puts in behind the scenes has seen a number of changes effectively introduced into the women's squads this year - introducing Tuesday/Thursday training for the Women's Seniors and doing her very best to support the coaches. She ensured our pre-season ran efficiently arranging all the practice matches. Rach is always happy to jump in and help out other members on the committee with any task - always keen for a trip to Costco to ensure the canteen is stocked up! Thank you Rachel for all your hard work this season.

Voting has now closed. The winner will be announced at Presentation Night.