Squads to register for the season

The coaches have announced the squads for season as per below. All confirmed squad members are now asked to sort out their registration on MyFootballClub web site and to pay their membership fee in full by 4th of April.

Please note that for players in Men's Fourths squad, only those named as "confirmed" should be proceeding with registration at this stage.

Please also see these helpful links:

Men's Thirds

Richard Bain, Lolo Bonnaud, Stefan Cooray, Oguzhan Doren, Dijon Hoogeveen, Richard Huysmans, Ken Kana, Shaun Lai, Daniel Martinez, Andrew Matkowski, Anisha Methananda, Huy Pham, Jason Qin, Rahul Rao, Joel Robello, Emmanuel Saka, Matthew Schwab, Tom Sheperd, Nikita Smirnios (GK), Lati Chewdry

Men's Fourths

Confirmed: Chris Kougi (GK), Michael Pogrebnoy, Raymond Nguyen, James Vandersteen, Stephen Elijah Hinga, Aldo Assirvaden, Jonathan Jhoomun, Peter Kougi, Jack Dowling, Peem Onratn, Matthew Parfrey, Faouzi Gebara, Hayden Meade, Mustafa Hamid, Erez Gutwetter, Gary Bryden, Daniel Reay

Extended squad members*: Rohan P, Shyam G

* Extended squad members should not proceed with registration until confirmed in the squad.