Men’s teams “Super Boot” race revisited

The grim winter slog has made goal scoring very difficult - but whilst some have found scoring trying or have succumbed to injury, others have flourished and have pushed up the leader board, with Dylan Brennan and Peter Kougi putting in some eye-catching performances.

Player Seniors Reserves Colts Thirds Fourths TOTAL
Luke Vlatko 0 1 11 0 3 15
Ned Rocke 0 10 0 2 2 14
Souley Diamanka 11 0 0 0 0 11
Dylan Brennan 9 2 0 0 0 11
Simba Maravanyika 10 0 0 0 0 10
Peter Kougi 0 0 0 0 9 9
Timmy Mupedza 0 1 0 6 0 7
Noah Brash 0 0 6 0 0 6
Laurent Bonnaud 0 0 0 0 6 6
Lucas Macedo 0 6 0 0 0 6

Souley Diamanka and Luke Vlatko lead the charts for most goals in one team (11), closely followed by Maravanyika (10) and Rocke (10).

There have also been 11 hat-tricks scored this season, with at least one hat-trick in every team. The hat-trick heroes are:

  • Vlatko 2
  • Diamanka 2
  • McIntire
  • Eddington
  • Macedo
  • Maloo
  • Hinga
  • Kougi
  • Bonnaud

With the end of the respective seasons fast approaching, and pitches hopefully improving, everyone better get their goal-scoring boots on.

Who will become the club’s most prolific marksman in 2015?

Author: club statistician and reserves coach Alex de la Torre

Men’s teams “Super Boot” race hots up

As the men’s teams leagues move into the hard and icy slog of winter, there is one aspect of club life that is really starting to heat up.

The race for the ‘unofficial’ title of club “super boot” really gathered momentum over the weekend, with the leaders all scoring over the weekend, a couple of them even scoring in multiple teams.

By scoring for both the Reserves and Fourths over the weekend, Luke Vlatko has taken the lead at the end of May, but with so many quality forwards (ed: and also Ned) chasing him, it promises to be a closely fought award this year!

Player Seniors Reserves Colts Thirds Fourths TOTAL
Luke Vlatko 0 1 7 0 3 11
Ned Rocke 0 8 0 0 1 9
Simba Maravanyika 8 0 0 0 0 8
Souley Diamanka 8 0 0 0 0 8
Timmy Mupedza 0 1 0 6 0 7
Lucas Macedo 0 6 0 0 0 6

There are 8 other players with 4 goals each, across all 5 men’s teams, so the peloton of chasing forwards will keep our leaders honest no doubt. Good luck to all the club’s forwards. May the goals rain in during June!

Author: club statistician and reserves coach Alex de la Torre

Women's Seniors topple undefeated Richmond FC

Sunday's 3pm home game saw the Monash Women's Seniors play undefeated Richmond FC in round 4 of the Zagame's Womens State League 2SE.

The girls hit the pitch knowing this was going to be a tough game - with two losses behind them, and coming off a disappointing performance in the Team App Cup, they were hungry for the win against one of the top teams. Everyone put in everything they had early, which resulted in the first goal. From here the momentum kept building which saw Monash leading at half time 3-1.

In the second half the pressure was on from Richmond as their second goal came early and it looked like the favourites might be able to run over the top of Monash. However, Monash responded by kicking it’s fourth goal, a delightful passing move that saw Sally released down the right side and an excellent cross for a tap in at the far post. The final result was 4-2.

Special mention goes to Tanuska who kicked 2 goals on her birthday, and to Sally for the other two goals. This game really demonstrated what the Monash seniors are capable of. The fluency on passing from the defenders to the midfields, and consequently the setting up for the forwards has improved out of sight.

Author: Trudy Purcell, Captain of the Women's Seniors